Welcome to Mykonos

Entertainment day and night, happy people, famous or not, with the windmills and the golden beaches as background... sun tanned bodies and dreamy hotels, a tango of the international cuisine with tropical specialties.

Magical Architecture, color and hundreds of white churches. Water sports and many smiling faces... are some of the things you are going to enjoy when you visit Mykonos, the island of the holidays.

You will surly start feeling that you are sharing an unbelievable experience with people from all over the globe. This is Mykonos... The island where you should expect the unexpected; Mykonos! Before going to Mykonos check this travel guide and find all information you may need about hotels and accommodation, generally, entertainment, beaches, history of the island and many more.

Mykonos Nightlife

Mykonos is the only Greek island where you can party at any hour of the day or night. Literally at any hour, whether it's high noon or twilight at the beach bars and clubs.

Mykonos Shopping

Shopping therapy in Mykonos. With shops open till after midnight make shopping on the island a unique experience. Shop till you drop.

Mykonos Beaches

Pale golden sands, clear blue water and an evocative landscape, plus all the cosmopolitan fun you want, the beaches are the Alpha and Omega of summertime Mykonos.