Mykonos Beaches

Think of Mykonos, and you think of beaches. Pale golden sands, cold clear blue water and an evocative landscape, plus all the cosmopolitan fun or tranquility you want, the beaches are the Alpha and Omega of summertime Mykonos. The southern part of the island is more sheltered, the northern wilder, with some still unspoilt gems waiting for you to discover them. Fashionable and newly revitalized Psarou will continue to hold the scepter, raising the bar higher than ever offering finger food and fantastic Nobu cocktails right on the beach. The Pach Club is changing the aura of Paradise, while Panormos and Aghios Sostis will be the hot spots on the island again this year.

Cosmopolitan Beaches

Psarou Beach - Greek socialites

One of the loveliest beaches on the island, are pale golden sands and emerald green water, has taken a new lease on the glory days of the 80's and since last year is once again in the limelight, attracting literally all the celebrities on the island.

This beach is almost exclusively Greek, and a favorite with both older socialites and younger initiates. There are beach umbrellas, wooden (finally) loungers, the best beach service on the island, a waiting list for August week - ends and extremely stringent face control - the result being the most unmixed public anywhere on the island. Last year, Kostas Angeletaki's famous taverna was taken over by Zannis Frantzeskos, and renovated from stem to gudgeon.

N'AMMOS, with its exceptional service, refreshing cocktails on the beach, new menu and mainstream music, was the point of reference last summer for those who wanted to be right in the swing of things. This year Zannis is trying to outdo himself, and has raised the bar higher than ever.

A per for the rubber dinghies, from the yachts moored off shore will relieve the maritime traffic jams of July and August, while by arrangement with the Ioannidis brothers of Belvedere the little bar beside the restaurant will be serving finger food and the famous Nobu cocktails right to your beach chair (4 km from Hora).

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Psarou Beach

Platys Gialos Beach - Children friendly

A large, tourist sandy beach in the southern part of the island. Surrounded by hotels and organized with umbrellas and sun beds, it is addressed to tourists, and provides an ideal solution for mothers with small children.

The yachts that often anchor there are also impressive, particularly if you gaze upon them from a hotel veranda, like the one of Myconian Ambassador, one of the best five-star hotels of the island. Boats set off from Platys Yalos to Super Paradise, Elia, Agrari etc.

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Platys Gialos Beach

Ai-Yiannis Beach - Family Beach

A large sheltered beach with sand, in the eastern part of the island. It is very easy to get to, while the whole area is extremely developed for tourists and is very close to the main town. You will fins umbrellas, sun beds.

Ai-Yannis (or Agios Ioannis) used to be popular with Greek visitors, but now the most updating among them prefer nearby Kapari leaving Ai-Yannis to the masses of tourists who stay in the numerous hotels of the district. Mykonos Grand Resort is usually the first choice of visitors and families since the beach is ideal for children.

If you want some food, choose Manoula's Restaurant, with Greek dishes and built cushioned seats where you can enjoy your cond "frappe" coffee. (5 km from Hora).

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Ai-Yiannis Beach

Paranga Beach - New age trend

One of the smallest and loveliest beaches on the island. On the south coast of Mykonos, its fine pale sands, rocks forming a natural diving platform, umbrellas of dry leaves, restaurants and beach bars under the trees and sun beds emblazoned Copa Paraga, create a gorgeous summer scene.

The Paraga Cafe has played a huge part in the spectacular transformation of this beach, attracting lots of young people. Especially after the opening of Kalua last year, Paraga has imposed itself as the meeting place of the island's most trendy young crown. You should bear in mind, though, that the beach becomes too crowed starting from July. For the rest, Paraga also has one of the island's two organized campgrounds.

With a fabulous view of Delos, water, power, restaurant, mini market, free transportation from the post and frequent local bus service, it is a very interesting alternative holiday solution. (5 km from Hora).

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Paranga Beach

Panormos Beach - New hot spot

A large, sandy beach on the island's northern coast. You can reach it only by your own private means of transport. Once, it didn't attract many people and it was popular with the island's permanent visitors, but these last three years Giorgios Sakiaras his crew have created there one of the coziest and most relaxed all-day haunts in Mykonos.

Beneath its parachute canopy, at its wooden tables, you'll meet the most beautiful and trendy people on the island in a totally relaxed holiday mood, where as renowned athletes with divine bodies complete on the beach volley arena. Fortunately, the fact that this is not an organized beach (no umbrellas or sun beds) discourages wanna-be socialites (except the most... Spartan ones). A beautiful little pig, the beach's mascot, steals the show every year, hanging around the tables or taking its mud bath on the beach. (4,5 km from Hora).

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Panormos Beach

Agrari Beach - Thanassis's kingdom

One the prettiest beaches on the island, popular with many of the oldest visitors to Mykonos. Last year it went through a hard period due to the intense south winds and to the noisy Italians expanding the whole length of the beach. It is large and sandy, divided into a left and right part, and offers umbrellas, sun beds, water sports and a beach tavern. For reasons unknown to all, the "correct" part is the left one.

The beautiful blue, crystal clear waters will make you to forget the difficult road, and the true lord of the beach. Thanasis will win you over with hil polite manner. Apart from the fact that he will immediately remember you next time you visit, and make you feel like a "regular" he will also show you some wonderful wraps and throws at exceptionally good prices, if you ask him to (8,5 km from Hora). If you like the idea of spending some time with Thanassis choose Sunrise Hotel offering spacious rooms and unforgettable holidays.

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Agrari Beach

Elia Beach - Gay friendly

One of the prettiest beaches on the island, with fine sand, easy access and a nice crowd. It is characterized as "gay-friendly" by the connoisseurs of Mykonos. Here you will come across many of those who feature in the society pages of magazines and newspapers, as well as those who want to be like them.

It used to have a higher prestige, and that's why five star hotels such as Myconian Imperial are situated there, but during the last few years its reputation has diminished. Unfortunately, yachts are also allowed to anchor here. You will find umbrellas, sun beds and a stand for water sports (ski, Jet Ski, etc.). You can also buy a wrap of swimsuit here, if you have forgotten your own. The Elia restaurant offers Greek dishes and the Kapelagio serves a variety of salads and lobster with spaghetti. (10 km from Hora).

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Elia Beach

Aghios Sostis - for those in the know

Located in the north of Mykonos, it is a large beach with sand. Difficult access, a bad road and no local means of transport. You will find no umbrellas or sun beds, neither a beach bar, but you will meat the most loyal beach crowd on the island. Aghios Sostis used to be a traditional nudist beach in the past.

Nowadays it is visited by the low profile rich, chic and famous, and if you are not one of them, you might feel a little uncomfortable. If you have a dog, take him with you for a swim. The beach is dog-friendly. If you feel hungry Kiki's taverna, operating under a new direction, is only open at lunchtime, with no reservations (there is no telephone), with meat cook on charcoal and cool salads (there is no electricity either). (6km from Hora).

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Aghios Sostis

Super Paradise Beach - Let it all out!

The most beautiful as well as the busiest beach on the island, still relatively hard to get to. It is large, with fine sand, a clear blue, cool sea that deepens abruptly, great crowds and its own... seating plan: the gays on the right, the fashionable socialites on the left and the tourists in the middle. You will meet rising TV stars here, models, second-grade actors, various second rate socialites, paparazzi, lots of youngsters and, naturally, many nudists. Its umbrellas provide refuge to some of the hottest affairs of the year each summer that fill the colour pages of the yellow press in abundance. Scenes from the beach appear even on the Internet.

Recently, the Port Police has allowed yachts to anchor just a few meters from the beach. The Super Paradise bar - restaurant is the most impressive of its kind in the whole of Mykonos. Huge, built on various levels, with a pool, large bars and a self service Greek cuisine, it is ideal for a relaxing perusal of the beach from a distance. After 5 pm, DJ Panos rouses up the crowds with the latest hits and the usual outcome is yet another party. Super Paradise Beach is located 5,5 km from Hora and right next to Paradise Beach and is reachable by taxi-boat (regular boat services are available from Platis Yialos) and local bus.

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Super Paradise Beach 1 Super Paradise Beach 2

Paradise Beach - Touristy

A large beach with fine sand, in the south of the island, dominated by the largest camp-site in Mykonos. Operating since 1969, with many facilities available: two mini markets, newspapers, laundry, a water and electricity supply, natural shade and wattle fences, a restaurant with international dishes open 24 hours a day, a souvenir shop, internet, fax, secretarial services, a playground on the beach and mush more. The same business also rents rooms and runs the famous Paradise Beach Bar, where fun is always at its best, whereas parties and lots of events are held at that pool club. If camping is not your cup of tea stay in Paradise View, one of the few hotels found nearby.

At Paradise you will meet a lot of tourists, a multiethnic crown in a high mood. On the beach there are sun beds and umbrellas, jet ski, a life-guard, even a doctor. If you feel like having a drink or a bite, there is the Tropicana beach bar, with a wattle roof and house music (parties every day after 5pm). Next to it you will find a mini market with sun lotion, swimwear, lilos cigarettes. Diving lessons at the Dive Adventures, and the hottest happenings of the summer at the Cavo Paradiso, that opens its doors daily around midnight. There is also a canteen and a boutique with interesting souvenirs at the Cavo Paradiso. Where the Ithaki taverna used to be, the Envy beach bas is going to be organizing midday events around that small swimming pool and the Pacha dance club is going to be having after-hours dance parties with guest DJs. You can also get to the Paradise beach by boat from Platys Gialos. (5,5 km from Hora).

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Paradise Beach

Megali Ammos Beach - The closest one

A sandy beach, just outside Hora. Not particularly busy, as the road goes by just behind it. It is the ideal solution for residents of the two seaside hotels of the area, Mykonos Beach and Mykonos Bay. (2 km from Hora).

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Megali Ammos Beach

Kalo Livadi Beach - Trendy

A large sandy beach with easy access and well marked in the south of the island. Here, you will meet some of the most stylish holidaymakers in the Cyclades. It is quite windy (the wattle fence on the left "protects" you somewhat), so try to go on a calm day. There are straw umbrellas, sun beds, beach service and a life-guard in a straw watch-tower. At the taverna called Varka, you can try the very tasty cuisine of Ms Vouls, and also buy your surtan lotion of swimsuit from the mini market. This summer's new opening Shalimar, an all-day haunt, is expected to change the scenery, attracting more and more people on a beach once considered among the island's quiet ones. (9 km from Hora).

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Kalo Livadi Beach

Ornos Beach - Boat friendly

One of the most "touristy" beaches in Mykonos. Large, sandy, with numerous bars, tavernas, and hotels like Kivotos Club and Santa Marina, spread out along the full length of the beach, it gathers many tourists and is generally rather noisy and low class. You will find umbrellas and sun beds at Ornos, but also boats going to Psarou, Elia, Agrari and Super Paradise.

If you feel like having coffee of a delicious light meal or even an early dinner or drink, go to the lovely Orno that opened last summer and attracted everyone's attention. Its tasteful interior decoration, friendly service and relaxed atmosphere make up the ideal setting for summer relaxation on the beach. (3,5 km from Hora).

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Ornos Beach

Lia Beach - Tranquility and lobster

A remote beach that you should only visit if you have your own means of transport, and rough, but the beautiful setting will compensate you fully. Coarse sand, an emerald sea, umbrellas, sun beds and a very relaxed atmosphere. Its list of assets also includes the best, by far, beach services on the island. The charming, young man, who will collect your money for the umbrellas, can bring you whatever you ask for: your water and cold coffee to fantastic, chilled pina collada.

The wraps at the outdoor stand are original and very inexpensive. There is also the beach restaurant La Luna on the sand, with wooden decks, loud music, bars and an Italian cuisine. The real gem however is a little closer to you: the taverna Lia. Choose your lobster from the tank and enjoy it grilled on charcoal or boiled with oil and lemon. A truly memorable meal. (11,5 km from Hora).

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Lia Beach

Ftelia Beach - Windsurfing

Quite a large sandy beach on the north side of Mykonos. The breeze that blows year round may mean no umbrellas or beach chairs, but it also means the annual international windserfing competition known as the Wave Tour, which attracts athletes and spectators from all over the world. This beach is favorite for both Greek and foreign sailboarders, and the sight of the multi-colored sails skimming the waves is endlessly captivating.

Watch them for your leisure from the raised terrace of the Pirouni, over a drink or a plate of some Mediteranean specialty, or join them if you have your own board. The small cove at the right-hand end of the beach is a good place to swim (it is popular with many with-it nudists), followed by lunch (Greek fare and fresh fish) at the Akri taverna which, although under new management, is still reason enough on its own to come to this direction. For one summer evening the traditional party at Lakis Gavalas' house just above the Akri assembles all the beautiful people on the island in a single spot (9km from Hora).

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Ftelia Beach

Kalafatis Beach - Sporty

A very large, sandy beach with easy access, in the south-eastern part of the island. Many of the facilities available are part of the services offered by the Aphrodite Beach hotel. It is popular with sporty types, since here you can find all sports available on the island. If you want to have windsurfing lessons, rent a board or leave your own board for safekeeping, visit the Fanatic Board Centre. You will also find ski, Jet Ski, tubes and banana on the beach. There is an also horse-riding available or riding lesson with horses or ponies rented out by the hotel. Drinks and snacks can be found at the self-service bar of the Thalassa restaurant, located on the beach. At the beginning of Kalafatis beach, on the road, is the stone-built Aquarius restaurant, with tasty Greek dishes. (11,2 km from Hora).

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Kalafatis Beach

Quiet Beaches

Aghia Anna Beach - Tranquility and scuba diving

A small beach with fine sand, at the edge of Kalafatis (to the right). You will find sun beds and umbrellas, a small beach volley court and a wooden shop-stand with soft drinks and suntan lotion. Not known by many people, and not marked on most maps. It is particularly popular with those who know the island well and want some peace and quiet.

Right behind it you will find the Italian restaurant Bandanna, which attracts the whole chic crowd of the island after 7 pm for special spaghetti dishes and delicious pizzas with slim, crunchy dough. The Diving Center offers diving lessons and exploratory underwater trips for beginners and experienced divers. Beside it there is a small bar serving breakfast and coffee (BBQ each Saturday).

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Aghia Anna Beach

Kappari Beach - Up and coming

A small, sandy beach next to Ai-Yannis. Last year it was the 'secret' of the well-informed. Access is easy up to a certain point by car, but from there you need to walk down a very steep, downhill track to get to it.

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Kappari Beach

Pano-Kato Tigani Beach - Isolation and company

Small beaches for ten or twenty people, with coarse sand and pebbles. The road is very bad, but they are an interesting alternative for groups that want some isolation. Excellent for couples and nudists (14,2 km from Hora).

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Pano-Kato Tigani Beach

Vathia Lagada Beach - Solitary

A small beach with coarse sand, after Tigania. One of the hardest beaches to find on the island. (15km from Hora).

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Choulakia Beach - "pretty" pebbles

For those who prefer pebbles to sand this is the ultimate destination. It is one of the very few beaches with big stones on the island. It has absolutetly nothing to offer (and no people), apart from a sign informing passers-by that it is a natural site of particular beauty and that it is prohibited to remove any rocks (5km from Hora). Nevertheless, if you would like to enjoy a different side of Mykonos you could stay in San Marco Hotel and enjoy nature.

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Choulakia Beach

Merchias & Plyntiria Beach - For explorers

Small beaches with pebbles and stones of particular beauty. The road is very bad, but you will be fully compensated if you like exploring. This is maybe the reason why only locals prefer these beaches. They are on the northern part of the island, which means the wind can get pretty mean.(Merthias: 11 km from Hora, Plyntiria: 14,2 km).

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Merchias & Plyntiria Beach

Tsangari Beach - Meditation

A tiny, sandy beach next to Lia. There is no road, but there is a path you can follow on foot or with 4x4. (12,5 km from Hora).

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Tsangari Beach

Mersini Beach - Deserted

Located in the north of Mykonos, it is a large beach with sand. Difficult access, a bad road and no local means of transport. You will find no umbrellas or sun beds, neither a beach bar, but you will meat the most loyal beach crowd on the island. Aghios Sostis used to be a traditional nudist beach in the past.

Nowadays it is visited by the low profile rich, chic and famous, and if you are not one of them, you might feel a little uncomfortable. If you have a dog, take him with you for a swim. The beach is dog-friendly. If you feel hungry Kiki's taverna, operating under a new direction, is only open at lunchtime, with no reservations (there is no telephone), with meat cook on charcoal and cool salads (there is no electricity either). (6km from Hora).

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Mersini Beach

Fragia Beach - by boat

One of the prettiest on the island of Mykonos, totally calm & sandy a favourite for nudists. It is located next to Tsangari and note that it is only aceessible by boat (12,5km from Hora).

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Aghios Stefanos Beach - of local interest

A sandy beach next to the new harbor where great hotels like Rocabella Mykonos are found. It is of no particular interest, as it is located near the town of Mykonos and is surrounded by tavernas and hotels strictly catering to tourists. It is probably a solution for those who do not have their own means of transport and do not like moving around much. You will find sun beds, umbrellas, Haroula's taverna for fresh fish and cooked dishes, as well as the bar-taverma ,pcabo Lido serving fast food. (3.5 km from Hora).

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Aghios Stefanos Beach

Fokos Beach - Taste

A small beach with coarse sand, almost unknown to most people. The road that leads there and passes through Ano Mera is good. At Fokos you will find one of the most picturesque tavernas. In Mykonos, Fokos, that is only open at lunchtime due to the lack of electricity. (11 km from Hora).

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Fokos Beach

Aghia Anna Paragas Beach - Good food

A small, somewhat uninteresting beach with coarse sand, besides Paraga. It is not an organized beach, but it does offer you one of the best fish taverna on the whole island, the Ahinei, that will fully compensate for the lack of fun. If the fantastic seafood and grilled vegetables do not appeal to you, try the tasty cooked dishes at Nikolas. (5,5 km from Hora).

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