Shopping in Mykonos

Shop till you drop

If you choose Mykonos for your vacation, choose it also for your shopping therapy. Mykonos and unrestricted business hours with shops open till after midnight make shopping on the island of Mykonos a unique experience.

In 2002 Tria Pigadia, the first shopping centre of Mykonos opened. It might not be possible to compare shopping in Mykonos, but what makes the difference, however, is the local atmosphere. Because who can deny that the way of which clothes and accessories of famous designers like Christian Dior or Donna Karan, are presented, against the white-washed walls of Mykonos and the small cobbled streets of the island, is absolutely fascinating?

Well, to tell you the truth the prices are arguably slightly or even a lot higher. The reason is tha the shops also address tourists, who are in a better financial position due to the various rates of exchange and also because they are open for about six months, although their fixed expenses run for all year round. However shopping on the island of the winds means fun, and all of us while on holiday, are determined to relax and escape, even fro our budget limits.